“My first Hole in One…” and “…down from 11.2 to 9.6 in 2 months, one good medal score away from single figures…”

“I decided to take the plunge in April and buy a PlaneSWING. Tony’s been on at me for ages but the thought of shelling out the £500 for a training aid held me back. I now wish I’d done it years ago.”

I now wish I’d done it years ago.

“Probably about 15 minutes after I started using it, I got it. It clicked. I couldn’t wait to get out there. I was wondering if I could take the feeling from the garage to the course. I needn’t have worried. The tempo felt better, I was in control. The contact was sweeter and I knew I was on the right track. It just felt right.I now use it about 4 times a week for about 20 mins each time, stepping in and out.”

“So after quick progress, I started to see my scores improving and handicap coming down. More fairways and greens in reg’ and then… my first ever Hole in One in July. The 16th hole at Bromsgrove GC. 201 yards with a 3 utility iron into a light wind. Obviously, luck played a big part but though I say it myself, it was a great shot!”

Growing In Confidence

“My confidence has grown and I basically I know what I’m doing when I hit a bad shot and when I hit a good shot, because I understand the feeling that I need to have and I know more about the swing and the whole movement. With the PowerSlider I’m getting a late hit and I’m a club longer and much straighter, especially with the driver.”

“Last week I shot a 72 (+4) after being level on the front 9. So I’m now just one good medal score away from single figures, a place I’ve never been. By the way, I’ve also lost about 8lbs and I’m stronger in the swing. It’s a proper work out.”

Alex Wright – Member of the Bromsgrove Golf Club

John Burrows

“An update on my progress with PlaneSwing. My game has started to get back to something like the consistency I had prior to my accident 4 years ago (broken pelvis,arm and wrist) so 6 weeks later I feel my swing is easier and with less effort. My golfing mates have nicknamed me the “canon” because I now fire it out a long way! I have played in several comps lately and been in the prizes every time, winning 2 medals in my category (1) and one area team event and 2 long driving comps, which has not always been my strong point. But above all this I am enjoying my golf much more and feel fitter

So big thanks to you and PlaneSWING.”

John Burrows

Ricky Muddimer

“PlaneSwing has helped me achieve a long time goal of single figures and what’s even better I’ve stayed there and only play once a week.

I’m driving the ball longer and straighter, 62% average fairways hit, top level on the Nike app! Consistently beat my handicap in general play. Plane Swing’s a massive help.”

Ricky Muddimer

More on PlaneSWING Champion Jeffy Wyatt:

Wyatt commented “I’m playing the most consistent golf of my life thanks to PlaneSWING®. Because I have more confidence I’m enjoying myself more and that’s translating into some great results.”

Clark added: “Jeff has been committed to using the PlaneSWING® about 3 times a week and he’s reaping the rewards.”

We first heard from Jeff two months ago, just 60 days after investing in his own PlaneSWING: “Happy Days! Shot 73 today, won the medal, handicap cut to 5.2!”

PlaneSWING is quite simply an excellent training aid for swing development in golf from a psychological perspective. Growing scientific evidence points to the PlaneSWING concept helping to develop club speed and a more consistent tempo through enhanced kinaesthetic learning. I also believe that PlaneSWING’s impact on skill acquisition will also have hugely positive effects on confidence for any player.

Dr Brian Hemmings speaks about PlaneSWING®

I’ve used and sold swing hoops before and what I like about PlaneSWING is its simplicity. The mat has straight stance alignment lines which is less confusing and the PowerSLIDER, while still heavier than a club, allowed a much more relaxed swing motion than other heavy clubs, but still worked the golfing muscles and delivered on performance.

Andrew M, Florida


I tried golf for the first time and my coach got me on PlaneSWING. Now I’m a detail kinda guy but this made it seem real easy. My coach didn’t need to say much at all. He just worked with me in the thing and then I stepped out and pretty soon I was hitting decent shots. I can live with that.

Ken F, Orlando

We are using the PlaneSWING every day. I think you have great product and one that is durable and at the same time affordable. Thanks for providing a quality product. You deserve much success.

Jay Perkins, PGA Pro, Bel Air Golf Center, Maryland, USA

I have always been a fan of kinesthetic learning and PlaneSWING keeps it simple for the student and frankly makes my job easier. I particularly like the natural feeling of ‘lag’ that the PowerSLIDER gives you on the downswing and through the impact area creating a more dynamic motion for the student. Adding PlaneSWING to the Lake Malaren Golf Resort underlines our commitment to growing the game in China.
Paul McLoughlin, PGA Professional at Lake Malarens GC, Shanghai is a member of the PGA of America and the PGA of GB & Ireland

I believe feeling and doing is the most effective method of learning and PlaneSWING delivers on this. Adding it to my teaching programme will help me communicate more effectively and improve the lesson experience for my students. Financially and educationally it makes sense.
Dave Eddy, PGA Pro at Golf Club Sagmühle, Rottal, German

Tony, Already getting great results from PlaneSwing. My son George is now playing his best golf for over a year and I just had my best score of the season with 39 points round the Duchess. Should have been 41! George is loving it, driving longer and straighter. Thanks.
Phil Mileham, Woburn, England

I used PlaneSWING in Florida to try to fix my over-the-top problem. Not only did it fix it, I’ve also found an extra 15 yards on my drives and I’m hitting my irons a club longer. My PlaneSWING arrives in Feb!
Iain Landsburgh, Dundee, Scotland.