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  • Solve Your Swing Problems for Good

  • 12 Weeks of Golfing Gems

  • For Golfers of All Ability Levels

  • Chart Your Journey to Success

  • Learn Pro’s Secrets to a Great Game

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Detailed Programme

Week 1

Welcome & introduction to PlaneSWING from Founder Tony Clark. Outline of key benefits, orientation, testimonials and guarantee statement.

Week 2

How to build a powerful and repeatable swing. Video demo of how to build the swing within PlaneSWING using the power roller golf club, called PlaneSLIDER.

Week 3

Should golf be in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil? Feature length article, video presentation & opinion poll. Take part in the survey. Results to be published when we have 500 responses.

Week 4

How you can experience PlaneSWING at a Golf Centre near you. Video testimonials & outline of PlaneSWING Academies & Open Days.

Week 5

Exclusive interview with Tony Westwood of Westwood Golf Academy, Chichester. 4 steps to golfing success, case study of a student who has seen phenomenal improvement & how PlaneSWING is used at Tony’s academy.

Week 6

What does it mean to be ‘on plane’ and why it matters. How PlaneSWING helps you find your optimum swing plane.

Week 7

What are the most common problems you experience with your golf swing? Explanation of how PlaneSWING helps you solve these problems for good.

Week 8

Real life stories of golfers who have won trophies, cut their handicap & made a lasting impression on their game after training with PlaneSWING.

Week 9

The Ryder Cup, Ian Poulter and a Lesson in Life. The amazing story of one man’s journey to the top.

Week 10

Have you ever wanted to practise your swing at home, in the garden, or on your lunchbreak? Now you can with the portable PlaneSWING. Video tutorial & examples.

Week 11

Video diary of a trial PlaneSWING user. Watch their progress over the 30 day trial period & hear their final verdict.

Week 12

End of course email. Mystery prize for completing the programme. Direction to other resources & golf training programme.
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