PlaneSWING® is a powerful and affordable offering which helps golfers of all levels make dramatic strides in their game development and swing understanding.

PlaneSWING® is popular with golf professionals because it adheres to sound biomechanical principles and is based on the swing fundamentals.

Denise Hastings – Fellow of the PGA and NLP Practitioner
PlaneSWING® is proud to be associated with Denise Hastings.
Denise was a founder member of the Women’s PGA in 1978, and played the European tour for ten years. In 1987, using her aptitude for the game and her extrovert personality, Denise turned to teaching. She has developed into a top class coach who will identify the quickest way to get the best out of your golf. Her enthusiasm for the game, her experience as a tour player and instructor, as well as her knowledge and understanding of the golf swing make Denise stand out as an excellent coach. Her engaging personality also makes her the ideal host.

Denise’s commitment to constantly updating her teaching skills and improving her knowledge of the game has been rewarded by the PGA with her appointment as a Fellow of the PGA, recognising her as one of the top coaches in the World.

In November 2007 Denise became a qualified NLP Sports Practitioner. This broadening of her skill-set not only demonstrates a desire for continued learning it also ensures that she brings even more to the lesson tee for students.

Denise is currently a senior teaching professional at the Bedfordshire Golf Club, and a teacher at Kingsway Golf Centre. Denise runs golf schools throughout the year, teaching players of all ages and abilities in the UK and over 10 other countries.

In addition to PlaneSWING® which aids kinaesthetic learning, Denise has introduced V1 interactive video and analysis systems for state-of-the-art golf instruction. With V1, you can view your PlaneSWING® development and your entire teaching session—including voice commentary—is recorded for on-the-spot replay and analysis. What’s more, you can take home the video or printout of your progress afterwards.

We would strongly recommend that you book a lesson, clinic, corporate day or school with Denise and enjoy a rewarding experience that you’ll be keen to repeat.  Contact Denise Hastings directly at info@denisehastings.com or call +44 (0) 1480 355399 or +44 (0) 7850 112975. Visit www.denisehastings.com