Russ Scala Shares How to Perform Better on the Golf Course, for Longer….

Hi Golfers,

Things “Big Pharma” Don’t want you to know…

When I first met Russ Scala in Orlando, Florida last year I was impressed, as you’ll deduce from my introduction. Challenging and thought-provoking, Russ is not your conventional health & wellness professional.

Vehemently opposed to the practices of “Big Pharma”, Russ presents a golf-centred program to lengthen a golfer’s Russ Scala Booklife through physical and mental transformation.

Russ works with athletes and some of the best business leaders all over the world and has been successful in keeping them at the top of their game, in many cases turning back the biological clock.

I believe that you’ll find this presentation interesting and whether or not you choose to work with Russ, you’ll certainly be excited by the possibilities he exposes.

But if you want to put yourself in the best possible position to succeed,

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Tony Clark
Golf Instructor & Owner of PlaneSWING Golf
T: 800-336-3033




About Tony Clark

Tony Clark is the founder and owner of PlaneSWING® - the world's #1 kinaesthetic golf fitness and training system. He is also owner of PlaneSWING's parent company "Portugolfe Ltd", Owner of National Pairs Championships and organiser of Corporate Golf Events. Tony also heads up the Clark Management Group, an "action management" based organisation which brings together client focused and action oriented individuals and businesses.

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