Plane SWING “Inspirational” says customer!

photo 9 Below is a testimonial from a customer, John Burrows (pictured), that demonstrates the versatility of PlaneSWING swing plane training aid and the rapid and dramatic results it can achieve. John is an Englishman living in France.

From: John burrows
Sent: 09 September 2014 09:34
To: Tony Clark
Subject: john burrows progress

Hi Tony

I hope this email finds you well.  Just an update on my progress with Plane Swing. Over the last few weeks I have started to see and feel the benefits that Plane Swing brings. My game has started to get back to something like the consistency I had prior to my accident 4 years ago (broken pelvis, arm and wrist) so 6 weeks later I feel my swing is easier and with less effort. My French golfing mates have nicknamed me the “canon” because I am old (53) but fire it out a long way… cheeky sods! I have played in several comps lately and been in the prizes every time, winning 2 medals in my category (1) and one area team event and 2 long driving comps of which I found the middle of the fairway both times,which has not always been my strong point! What made both of them special to me was the fact there were two pros and three scratch players in the field and I think I was twice their age. But above all I am enjoying my golf much more and feel fitter and although I still need to shed a few pounds, this has given me the inspiration to do so.

So a big thanks to you and your products,

John Burrows, France

PlaneSWING is used around the world by golfers of all levels, Tour Players and Teaching Professionals to establish the correct swing plane

We are proud that the PlaneSWING swing plane training aid also plays an important role in the rehabilitation of injured servicemen and women and aiding golf coaching for the blind.

About Tony Clark

Tony Clark is the founder and owner of PlaneSWING® - the world's #1 kinaesthetic golf fitness and training system. He is also owner of PlaneSWING's parent company "Portugolfe Ltd", Owner of National Pairs Championships and organiser of Corporate Golf Events. Tony also heads up the Clark Management Group, an "action management" based organisation which brings together client focused and action oriented individuals and businesses.
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