Legends Love PlaneSWING

Darren Clarke with his PlaneSWING


Open Championship Major Winner & Ryder Cup Legend Darren Clarke

Darren kindly posted this picture on Twitter with him alongside HIS PlaneSWING at Royal Portrush. Check out the Tweet HERE.  He believes PlaneSWING to be “…the best training aid ever!” The swing plane is the holy grail of golf and with PlaneSWING you’re on your way to the golfing promised land!

Whether you’re a recreational golfer, elite amateur or Tour Player, PlaneSWING works!

Hoops have been around for over 50 years, but the adjustability of PlaneSWING and the PowerSLIDER with PlaneCHECKER, creates lag and a natural resistance, something a roller cannot. With PlaneSWING you’ll build a powerful & repeatable swing instantly!


Derek Mountfield Improvement with PlaneSWINGLikewise another legend, this time of the football variety.

Derek Mountfield won League Championships, The FA Cup and tasted European glory with Everton FC and is now an accomplished golfer.

Derek purchased a PlaneSWING in August this year to aid rehab after shoulder surgery and he recently kindly posted his fitness and golf progress which he attributes  to PlaneSWING. See the results on MastersScoreboard and Check out his Tweet HERE


PlaneSWING works. Not because we say so, but because our customers say so.


Listen to Darren & Derek. We guarantee that PlaneSWING will positively TRANSFORM your game or your money back!


About Tony Clark

Tony Clark is the founder and owner of PlaneSWING® - the world's #1 kinaesthetic golf fitness and training system. He is also owner of PlaneSWING's parent company "Portugolfe Ltd", Owner of National Pairs Championships and organiser of Corporate Golf Events. Tony also heads up the Clark Management Group, an "action management" based organisation which brings together client focused and action oriented individuals and businesses.
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