Instant Improvement again with… PlaneSWING!

Thanks to Colin Smith in Australia for this great testimonial just days after receiving his PlaneSWING.

Hi Tony

I scored 3 up in par off 10 yesterday and struck some of the purest shots I have hit for a long time.

I have always struggled with the set of my wrists at the top of the backswing. The plane swing has re-educated me already!

I now feel as though my hands are “behind me” at the top. The plane checker shows me to be on plane.

My Australian handicap is now 8 and if I can gain the muscle memory of the correct plane; look out!

Great so far

Thanks, Colin Smith

Check out these videos…just click or go to

Colin Smith vid 1

Colin Smith vid 2

Looking good Colin. Want to see rapid and sustained improvement in YOUR game? Join Colin!

About Tony Clark

Tony Clark is the founder and owner of PlaneSWING® - the world's #1 kinaesthetic golf fitness and training system. He is also owner of PlaneSWING's parent company "Portugolfe Ltd", Owner of National Pairs Championships and organiser of Corporate Golf Events. Tony also heads up the Clark Management Group, an "action management" based organisation which brings together client focused and action oriented individuals and businesses.
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