Get worse to get better? Are you kidding me?

“If your coach says you should expect to get worse before you’ll see improvement, change your coach.” Writes Tony Clark, CEO of PlaneSWING Golf.

A good coach will spend time learning about you; what you do for a living, how you learn and what golfing goals you have.

Both coach and student have to be on the same page and trust the other to deliver on their commitment to achieve the now established and shared goal. Your coach will recognise the key cause & effect issues in your swing, explain these and prescribe a bespoke program including drills to address them. Assuming you are serious about getting better you’ll implement these and do the required work to make the changes second nature.

For this commitment you should see instant improvement in some or all of the areas highlighted.

Top Tip: take notes and keep asking WHY? Challenge your coach to explain WHY he’s proposing the changes and what difference you can expect to see and when. This way you’ll learn more and be able to self diagnose and treat when things go wrong on the course, which they will.  Would you expect a mechanic to say “Steering may be a bit loose for a while but eventually it’ll straighten up. Mind how you go”? No. By the end of a lesson light bulbs should have gone on and you should be seeing instant improvement and be looking forward to hitting the range, playing a course and… the next lesson. Choose a coach carefully. Who does he/she teach, how are they playing, how long have they been students and what progress have they made. Would they recommend him? What skills does the coach claim? Short game, putting, long game, mental, physical… What equipment does the coach use? Flight monitors, PlaneSWING, video, other training aids? Get to know your teacher and DON’T let price be a barrier. If all the boxes are ticked, pay what it takes. You wouldn’t gamble on a surgeon or a financial advisor you had no confidence in so don’t trust your body and game to an inadequate coach. Golf’s a big part of your life. Look after it!

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About Tony Clark

Tony Clark is the founder and owner of PlaneSWING® - the world's #1 kinaesthetic golf fitness and training system. He is also owner of PlaneSWING's parent company "Portugolfe Ltd", Owner of National Pairs Championships and organiser of Corporate Golf Events. Tony also heads up the Clark Management Group, an "action management" based organisation which brings together client focused and action oriented individuals and businesses.
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